International Media • PR

Mandarin Media creates the content clients need to effectively engage with working media in the golf, hospitality and property sectors. “Public” relations is a misnomer (always has been). It’s media who must be engaged first, in order that media consumers (readers, viewers listeners, customers) might be moved to action on the client's behalf, be it purchase, brand recognition or the simple act of sharing that valued content. Mandarin Media interacts productively with the media that matter because we are media vets ourselves. The MM team is staffed exclusively with seasoned reporters, videographers, feature writers, editors and bloggers. We deploy our news sense — our first-hand understanding of media needs, predilections and processes — to the client's ongoing benefit, continually creating and placing client-centered content online, in print, on the air, and in the thick of social media chatter.

Golf • Hospitality • Property

Mandarin Media has been working these interdependent media sectors and building mutually beneficial relationships therein since 1992, in the consumer and trade realms. As such, our practices have evolved to reflect the growth of real estate as THE driving force behind most new golf development (and significant hospitality development and redevelopment, as an amenity). A great story is still a great story, but getting that property story told is more nuanced today on account of an ever-shifting media landscape. Former specialists now handle multiple beats: golf, travel, property and the business/operational forces that drive all three. Form matters. Media today require original ideas and custom content not merely for print, but for digital (video, audio and social media) applications as well. MM delivers for clients by delivering all this for media.

WEb Development 

Mandarin Digital Media ( delivers web-asset, application and development solutions from strategy through design, implementation and beyond. MDM's offshore programmers are expert in all the languages, all the media that matter. MDM's North American project management teams will formulate and shepherd your project with a speed and efficiency born of experience. What distinguishes Mandarin Digital Media from competitors, however, is our expertise and fluency in open-source technologies, like Drupal and Java, and our consistent delivery of the three qualities primary to the success of any web project: price, responsiveness and expertise. MDM will make sure your web site is evolutionary, dynamic and working for you, not against you.



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